What is I18ns?

Ever wondered if other people have translated your phrase before? Launch a targeted search for translations and choose the best solution.

i18ns is such a tool that can help you to find the best i18n translation. It is a free online i18n-string search engine, providing easy-to-reused i18n translation use case.

What is I18ns Translate? (translate.i18ns.com)

I18ns Translate is an online tool that used i18ns's big data to translate source text into multiple languages. If no suitable translation found on i18ns, google translation will be used as a supplement.

Why are you doing this?

Over 50% of the strings can be reused in most of the software translation. Over 80% of the strings can be reused in the same category of software translation. I believe to build a tool that providing reused i18n strings can greatly reduce i18n costs and make i18n work easier.If the collected strings offend your rights, please notify me, it will be delete immediately.

Who needs i18ns?

Software translators, product developers or people who has i18n translation needs.

Who are you guys?

A software development team, We looking forward talented guys join to make this project better. Email: [email protected]